Where strategy and digital meet. 

Chapter IV is a fully integrated digital agency located in Brooklyn that specializes in luxury apparel, clean beauty, and fine jewelry. We offer a creative approach that ties together lifestyle and technology using innovative and multi-faceted strategies across channels. We will tailor a strategy that works best for your brand and continuously seek to create new opportunities for continued growth.


What sets us apart from others     

             are our core values


No agency secrets.

We are fully transparent and honest in all the work that we do.


This is a partnership.

We want you to understand and/or learn why we are recommending the suggested strategies.


No minimum budgets.

You will receive the same treatment whether you are spending 5K or 10K on a campaign.

What interests me about design is playing with colors, shapes and ideas to create something that conveys a feeling and a message to others. My passion is working with many female-owned businesses and building their brands through website design, logo development and social media storytelling.

Prior to transitioning to digital, my career was in fashion wholesale and operations. Nowadays, I love the ability to find and connect with customers in a new way. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing the data to learn and understand the consumer's digital journey. With digital, you have the opportunity to test and fail fast, whereas in wholesale any tests can be costly (not to mention harmful to the environment with so much inventory left behind). I will, however, always miss walking past the sample rooms and seeing the beautiful gowns come to life.  

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